Outreach and Facilitation Services

The goal of public outreach is to increase public awareness of an issue or process, involve those who are interested, and generate the interest of those who are not involved.  Effective public outreach requires enthusiasm, an understanding of relationships and the ability to develop and communicate a simple, yet comprehensive message to diverse audiences.

SB Consulting recognizes and values public outreach and can help provide a variety of services including:

  • community relations plans
  • develop and prepare newsletters
  • develop press releases
  • issue public service announcements
  • organize public meetings
  • record meeting minutes
  • develop community presentations
  • solicit and analyze public comments
  • create and develop result sheets and presentations

Internal and external facilitation services including leading input sessions, building teams, moderating discussions, managing conflict, raising issues, evaluating meeting success, drafting agendas, recording action items, identifying lessons learned, and assigning due dates and responsible parties.