Traditional Forestry Consulting

SB Consulting offers five main traditional forestry services:

Forest Management Plan Development: A detailed plan that can promote wildlife, protect wetlands, and/or generate income for your property

Timber Sale Preparation: Performs jobs such as timber cruising; timber marking; unit boundary layout & traverse; harvest designation; GIS mapping; inventory examinations.

Contract Management:  Performs jobs such as: timber appraisal; logging contract inspection & oversight; log quality control; log yard/deck sorts; bidding; log buying; timber procurement.  Act as a liaison between you and timber buyers to ensure that you receive fair market value for your trees during a commercial timber sale

Reforestation Specialist:  Performs jobs such as: regeneration plans; contract inspection & oversight for tree planting, site preparation, erosion control seeding, cone collection, stocking survey, seedling protection, vegetation management, invasive brush control, slash piling

Forest Health Specialist:  Provide expert guidance regarding the health of your trees and how to combat pests and diseases including emerald ash borer (EAB), oak wilt, beech bark disease and more